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Student Microscope offers the best price microscopy equipment for students. We take great pride on providing quality science and biology microscope sets for educational applications. Our equipment is used by students in all levels from elementary to university students. We provide good quality equipment at about a third of the price of the school science catalogs and brand name internet stores.

Our most fundamental educational optics are for students who are just starting to learn about the microscopic world. They are usually monocular versions with just a single eyepiece. They are low cost but still provide decent optical capability for viewing under the common magnifications of 40x, 100x or 400x. For students that are of university level that are taking up microbiology, pre medical, clinical technician studies or any type of university level research, we highly recommend that they consider our better grades of student microscopes. These type of student microscopes may come in binocular versions, with two eyepieces or even in trinocular with the photography port capturing live video and digital still images to be utilized by the student or researchers in their documentations or school papers.

We also provide student grade stereoscopic microscopes that are low power versions. This type of microscope is used for viewing larger specimens and dissecting animals such as frogs, worms, and bugs. This type of dissection microscope is commonly found in high school science classes. As with our high magnification compound units, the low power versions come in binocular and trinocular models, with the trinocular having the photography and video capability.

Rest assured that when you buy a microscope from our store, you are getting a good bargain. All our prices are discounted, as we sell by volume, making a small profit on a large number of sales. Contact our sales team members today. We understand your needs and can make a proper recommendation for the right equipment for the student. We know how difficult it can be on a student budget, and we understand the type of science microscope needed for each and every student.